Maths is when you learn numbers and sums. You learn stuff like +, ×, ÷ and -.

Heres some facts:

There is popular belief that 4D are shapes that are made with squares


Types of Math


Addition is adding using a plus (+). Ex: 2+2=4. There is 2. Two added to it count 3, 4. It is four. It's inverse operation is subtraction.


Subtraction is the oppisite of Addition. It takes away stuff using a minus (-). Ex: 4-2=2. Count from four two times 3, 2. It is two.


Multiplication is repating addition, using x, and an asterik (*). Ex: 2x3=6. It is 2+2+2=6. Its inverse operation is division.


Division is the oppisite of multiplication. It uses a slash (/). It is repeated subtraction. Ex: 6/3=2. 6-2-2=2. When the smaller number is the dividend, it used a fraction. Ex: 1/2=0.5.


Fractions are numbers that use a slash in between them. Ex: 2/3. They are usually less than one, but an improper fraction is 5/3 and greater than one and a mixed number, same thing. 1 2/3.

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